A small booklet to revere Bernese craftsmanship;
Beer & Design.
Various Bernese designers interpreted one specific micro-brewed beer out of the canton.
Those artworks were put together in a 96 paged booklet, with various additional information about the designers, brewers, locations, distributors, beers and more.

The posters itself are further curated in a newspaper as a collection.
Posters from:
Billy BenChragokyberneticksF.F. Albrecht, Lea Aeschbacher, Lukas BinggeliPhistPixelfarmJanice SidlerOctober IndustryStefan CecereStudio Orfeo Lanz & Büro Pablo GenouxYK Animation

Collaboration with Antonia Bekiaris and Christoph Gerber.

Collaborative initiative
Editorial-, Information-, Print Design, Art Direction, Curation
Ai, Id, Ps

20 Minuten Interview
ADC Shortlist