There are for sure some bucket list items to design, one of mine is covered within the project: a classical Swiss «Bundesordner».

Filled with a publication about the FIFA World Cup history, from its first appearance 1930 in Uruguay to the recent and upcoming ones.
Inspired by my fathers very own folder about the world cup history, the project was born to make an additional product. One which is chronologically rigid and consistent, but easily comparable. Dense in data, but informative and accessible and of course, easily expandable.

EXIF (1930 — 2018)
258 pages (12 per tournament)
9056 links (958 unique links)
484 tables
34 maps
>100 unique datapoints per tournament
>2000 comparable objects overall
quite some well spent hours of research, concept-design and iterating

Personal Project
Information Architecture, Data Visualization, Editorial Design
Ai, Id, Ps, Excel